Computer Networks and Internets

One of the texts for the Network Security module I'm currently studying is Douglas E. Comer's book  'Computer Networks and Internets (5th Edition)'.

The book is a tour de force of all things networking. It's written in a clear, uncomplicated and beautiful narrative. Comer is obviously brilliant (like I'm able to judge - just search for his bio online). But what makes this book really special is the way you are constantly reminded of where you are in the bigger scheme of themes; how everything fits together - from data communications, carrier frequencies and modulation, to LAN/WAN and wireless network technologies, to higher level protocol and application layer features. I don't think I've ever read a technical textbook that I actually didn't want to put down (at least at times). It normally takes me about a month to work through a 500+ page textbook, longer if it's a yawner... but in a little over a week I've nearly finished Comer's book - highlighted and marked up. It will remain a permanent member of my reference library.

Whether you're a technology professional, or just curious about 'how stuff works' - this book is for you. (I also love the dedication at the beginning of this book... "To Packets Everywhere".) Thank you Douglas E. Comer.