The Little Printer That Could – My HP 930c


This is probably more ‘tweet’ worthy than blog worthy – but what the heck. You see that little printer to the left? That’s an HP 930c DeskJet inkjet printer – and I’ve been using it now for eight years. :-) You can buy one used on Amazon (and no doubt from eBay) for about 10.00 USD. I love the blurb for this printer. “ This remarkably fast little printer enables you to produce letters, memos, and reports, plus photo-quality prints. Handling up to 100 pages of input and 50 pages of output, the HP DeskJet 930C color printer is a practical companion for your desktop or laptop computer.” Talk about a lesson in positive branding. I’ve been recommending HP printers to friends and co-workers for at least as long. I suppose having good quality HP printers in the office over the years has helped as well. On the other side – after a traumatic experience with Epson printers years ago, I’ve never forgiven Epson (and always thought their software was a bit wonky). Totally illogical and non-analytic I know – but that’s what branding is about I guess.