BlackBerry Tour

I'm still in watch and wait mode - being torn between the iPhone 3GS and a BlackBerry device. I partly want to own an iPhone just to be part of the iPhone phenomena - not to mention use the device that has totally changed the landscape of mobile communication. I also really admire the BlackBerry devices. I noticed a few reviews for the new BlackBerry Tour - and thought 'oh that's nice'. Great specs - a refinement of the BlackBerry World Edition and Bold all rolled up into one - and then the bottom fell out. No WiFi. ? WTF? Here’s a good review of the Tour. Still waiting and watching....

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This looks like the one Ralph has. He finds it very useful mostly for emails while on the road, but also as a camera, and for music, and GPS when necessary. There have been a few times when it's been like a Swiss Army knife and been very handy that way. It's easy to use, and the keyboard isn't too small. Sue