Tuk Tuk's in Bangkok

I doubt I'm generating enough traffic on the site yet for this to have the effect I'd love it to - but you never know...

A friend of a friend was passing through Bangkok a week ago - and we'd arranged to meet for dinner, as well as enjoy the beginning of the Songkran Festival.

Just the other day I received an email thanking me for dinner and a fun evening out. However the rest of the email included a description that I've heard time and time again about a really unpleasant experience with Tuk Tuk drivers in Bangkok.

My friend's friend had been told repeatedly by Tuk Tuk drivers that the temple she wanted to visit was closed - and was then dragged off to the closest Gem shop in an effort to pry her hard earned currency from her hands - and for the Tuk Tuk driver to receive a handsome commission in the process. So on her last day in Bangkok - instead of a pleasant cultural experience - she'd got the usual Tuk Tuk con.

Don't use them. They may be cute to look at and an icon of Bangkok - but they're dangerous (just plain unsafe to ride in) and will fleece you for two to three times the price of a taxis as well as do their level best to ruin your plans for the day.


Actually apart from the obvious mentioned issues with TukTuks particularly the 'safety' & 'comfort' factor means I only consider those guys when no other suitable/available/fair options appear.
One of the places I tend to use/used them now & again was around the corner from my 'local' BTS stop when no motorbikes was available or if I was not alone. Here bikes/tuktuk were convenient as they could handle the 'shortcut' route home well while e.g. taxi/cars would have to 'struggle' to make their way (in time) thru the winding narrow sois.
Price wise they tend to follow the taximeters closely - bit higher/lower depending on their/mine bargaining 'position' typically :-)