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ECCO Shoes


Probably another post that’s more tweet worthy than a blog post – but… I just can’t help it. I love ECCO shoes. I mean I really love them. I probably shouldn’t. The pair I bought today is made from Yak leather and manufactured in Thailand. Questionable characteristics on both counts. But they just feel so gooooood. I don’t mean just a little bit comfortable either – I mean they make me feel like walking that’s how darn good they are. I’ve bought ECCO shoes now for the last decade – casual, outdoor and work varieties. And each pair I’ve purchased has lasted between four and five years. The soles have never worn out and they’ve always felt better then the other brands I try when the time comes. I don’t know how you guys do it – but thank you ECCO.


Ecco is one of the sweetest brands out there. They make some really quality stuff.

Ecco shoes. I am a big fan after at least 25 years and innumerable pairs. They are just unique in the two most important qualities: they are just unbelievably good to wear and they last. If I wear them to work more or less every day for 2 years they are worn out. These however, have been used for about 5 years, the last three for gardenwork. But, heck, I should considere replacing them ? Whadduyu think? Ivar

Maybe we should start a 'Friends of Ecco Shoes' fan site - since we seem to agree on both the quality and durability of Ecco shoes. :-)

Why should manufacture in Thailand be questionable? Did you check the bottom of your Nikon cameras? There's some very high quality products made here including some of the Nikon models like the D90.

+1 for ECCO Shoes !! Been wearing them for many years and have now converted my whole family :)

Came across this post while researching some of the new styles we started carrying at the Ecco location I work at in So. California. I've only worked for them for 6 months but we all take pride in what we are selling and it's always good to hear another satisfied customer - we hear stories like this everyday from our patrons and we definitely appreciate your loyalty. Not only do they make excellent shoes, it's also a wonderful company to work for! Also, you've probably discovered this by now but Yak is actually 3 times more durable than normal cow leather and more you made a good choice!