A Simple Product Line

A little under a year ago I bought a Lenovo ThinkPad T61p. I love it. It's a great notebook; solid design, easy to update, a great support site. However when I'm occasionally asked for advice on notebooks and whether I would recommend Lenovo - I sort of say yes but then come unstuck. The reason? It took me several days - and I mean literally several days to work out the various configurations that were available for the ThinkPad T61 range.

I'd like to recommend Lenovo notebooks - but I can't just point to a model and say "this one". A few minutes ago I came across this post on Crunch Gear - Apple’s secret sauce: A simple product line. Great post, and I agree that Apple has got it right by having a simple product line. Too many choices and confusion results. Apple learned this lesson the hard way when back in the mid 90s they had more flavours of Power Macs than Baskin Robins has ice cream - and it was confusing.

I don't think computer manufactures are in the flavour business and a simple product line - small, medium and large, would make it easier for consumers to shop, and even easier for others to recommend.  


WiFi at Hong Kong Airport

Hong Kong airport is now officially my favorite airport in the world. The Airport Express train in and out of town is a breeze. The food court in departures is large and comfortable. And best of all free airport-wide WiFi that really works. Bangkok and London could to take a page from HK's book of good service. With an airport like this - going to the airport is fun - you can shop, get some work done, relax and then be on your way.



Well that's two out of six exams over with - and the end of the silent period on my blog. Successfully sat 'Information Security Management' and 'Introduction to Cryptography' over the past two days. Both manageable papers, and the first two of six in what has turned out to be a really excellent programme.


Adobe - You deserve this...

It's enough to be trying hard to keep up with all there is to read and do these days. The last thing I want in the middle of an engaging and important read - is to be thwarted by an Adobe update. I still love Photoshop, and I'd love to love Adobe as well - but their automatic software updating process is a nightmare. I've had several bad experiences in the past and yet another today... I was about half way through reading a PDF document - when I noticed the insidious little updater icon appear in my system tray.


What is Cruft?

cruft /kruhft/ [back-formation from {crufty}] 1. n. An unpleasant substance. The dust that gathers under your bed is cruft; the TMRC Dictionary correctly noted that attacking it with a broom only produces more. 2. n. The results of shoddy construction. 3. vt. [from `hand cruft', pun on `hand craft'] To write assembler code for something normally (and better) done by a compiler (see {hand-hacking}). 4. n.


Christmas Post

Having finally joined the online community of bloggers what better way to start than to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

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