About me...

Anthony Bouch I was born in Mississauga, went to high-school in Markham, college in Toronto, and grew up with a very 'Canadian' view of the world. I spent a few years after graduation working in a laboratory as a research assistant before it began to occur to me that biology might not be for me. I then spent a year working for IBM on a short-term manufacturing contract in preparation for what I thought was going to be a year-out in Europe.

I flew to the UK in 1990 - September 17th to be precise (it was a dark and rainy night... lightening was everywhere). Between travels - and while temping in an office in Stockport, I was offered my first job in IT thanks to a kind gentleman named David Medcalf. My 'geekish' tendencies had not gone unnoticed.

After 18 months on a help-desk, I accepted an offer to work for VNU publications, which meant that after a culturally educational stay in the North of England I was now headed for the big city of London.

I helped to build editorial and publishing systems at VNU which was a great way to get to know more about publishing, networks, Apple Macs and the journalist scene in London. In 1994 I moved over to Macmillan Publishers. Macmillan was probably my biggest break in IT. The office I started in on the Fulham Road was still using carbon paper and typewriters (this was 1994!). I was given a lot of freedom at Macmillan- free to succeed and fail. It was a formative five years and I'm grateful for the experience.

In 1999 I decided to take another year-out to travel, spending the majority of my time in Asia.

In 2001 I joined a startup venture in Bangkok; an online, rights managed stock photography agency - which turned into the 'business experience of a lifetime'. It was tough going, and I learned a lot about business and people in the process. In 2005 I was back in the UK working for Datapharm Publishers Ltd. A great assignment and a good bunch of people.

I've since started completed an MSc in Information Security at RHUL - which turned out to be brilliant.

For the past five years I've been working in international development, under areas of media, innovation, human rights, and environment.

I feel very lucky to have lived, traveled and worked across three continents. It's been an adventure to say the least.

'Per Ardua Ad Astra'