Anders Hejlsberg on LINQ

Submitted on May 07, 2007, 4:54 a.m.

Back in March I went to the MSDN Roadshow in London to see presentations on several topics - one of them was LINQ.

In my attempts to keep up with the avalanche of software coming out of Microsoft - I have a short list of beefy books to read, weblogs to keep up with, and videos and Webcasts to watch.

The presentation at the roadshow in March was ok - but I thought for a while about the cost of attending; the time it took to get there - the structured format of the show and my never ending need for utilitarian sources of good information.

Today I came across Mike Champion's very helpful post...

Accelerating Evolution: LINQ News from Mix 2007 which includes a link to a video of Anders' presentation at Mix 2007 .

Anders' presentation is brilliant; fluid and clear - and really demonstrates the LINQ language enhancements well.

What's more I was able to watch it at a time of my choosing, and at my own pace - which makes me wonder a little about the real benefit of the Roadshows (apart from the less than subtle injection of a lot of MS Office 2007 mini-marketing presentations between each of the main items of the event).

Mix 07 on the other hand is a 'whole-n-other' thing.... :-)