The Internet is Amazing

Submitted on Oct 18, 2008, 4:41 p.m.

As if anyone needed more proof.

In my quest to find the world's best computer keyboard (here in Part1 and Part2), I've recently settled on my IBM SpaceSaver II and Logitech G9 Laser mouse combination. The mouse is great - but as I wrote earlier - the key action on the keyboard was just a little off - feeling a bit 'plasticy'. Some keys were actually a little stiff and squeaky as well (it's at least five years old - purchased second hand from e-Bay).

I figured there must be at least one other IBM SpaceSaver II owner out there that has taken their keyboard apart, cleaned it up, lubricated the keys and put it back together again - and I was right.

I found this page... How to Clean, Upgrade, Repair, Mod, Disassemble an IBM Computer Keyboard, with the two links below at the bottom of the page... in Japanese.

The Illustrated link at Neko's Keyboard room saved me... because there are two hidden screws under the scroll button on the keyboard.

With the following explanation of how to remove the middle button...

既に有名な話ですが、Space Saver II Keyboard の 筐体を開ける際にはトラックポイントのスクロールボタンの下にもネジも外します。 これを知らないと最悪力任せに「ベキッ」ですので注意です。 センターボタンは下からマイナスドライバをつっこんで、テコのように外します。

This is the amazing part... thanks to Yahoo Babel Fish... the above translates into...

Already, it is famous story, but the case where the frame of Space Saver II Keyboard is opened you remove also the screw even under the scroll button of the track/truck point. Unless this is known, because “[bekitsu]” is in the worst power leaving, it is note. Thrusting 0 driver from under, like the lever you remove the center button.

Which with some creative interpretation means...

"It's really really important that you know that there are two hidden screws under the scroll button or you will never get the front panel of your keyboard off! By carefully placing a thin slot screwdriver under the front of the scroll button - it will pop off, and you can remove the screws :-)"

Not sure about "bekitsu" - but that looks like the perfect place to insert your preferred expletive.

So there was one other person out there - somewhere on the planet, that had already done what I was trying to do... and that person was in Japan. Thanks to his post, the Internet, and Babel Fish - not only did I find him.. but I discovered something valuable in the process.