The Beach - 10 Months Later

Submitted on Oct 13, 2014, 2:53 a.m.
The Beach - Aquascape

A short video showing my 60cm aquascape 10 months on...

Tank: 60cm x 30cm x 36cm tank (17 gallons, 60 liters).

Filter: Eheim 2213.

Glassware from Aquarium Plant Food UK

Lights - I swapped out the fake Chinese Aquasky for a standard T5 fixture (two 24w T5s on individual timers), suspended about a foot above the tank (algae problems solved).

Substrate - ADA Power Sand base and ADA Amazonia Aqua Soil on top, with additives including Bacter 100, Clear Super, Penac P, Penac W, Tourmaline BC. Colorado decorative sand in front.

Plants: Back: Amazon Sword (Echinodorus amazonicus). Eelgrass (Vallisneria spiralis or possibly Vallisneria americana "Mini Twister") Middle: Hygrophila corymbosa 'Siamensis' (not 100% sure) and some Ludwigia SP. Spikey Moss doing well on the driftwood. Front: Pygmy Chain Sword (Echinodorus tenellus) - on the right and Red Tiger Lotus on the left (Nymphaea lotus)